Friday, 3 April 2015

Best Wedding Cake Tips | Top Wedding Cake Tips | Anniversary Cakes

  • Budget: Set a budget directly from the beginning and be open with your cake decorator or bakery shop concern. It will make the procedure much easier and smoother for both parties.

  • Theme of the Cake: When meeting your cake decorator for the first time, collect as much information as possible like theme of the wedding, colour of your dress and inspiration from the room and flowers. It will make the selection easier for you and cake designer.

  • Flavour of the Cake: Be inspired; go for chocolate, mix the layers and red velvet or carrot cake. Make sure you taste them. Remember it must be tasty as good as it looks.
  • Serving your wedding cake as a dessert: Why not save money and let your guests enjoy your delicious cake by serving it as a dessert, instead of waiting till late in the evening when people are too busy partying.
  • Novelty wedding cakes: Think twice about ordering novelty wedding cake. It will give fun and quirky, but remember you will have to look at those pictures for the rest of your life.
  • Making your own wedding cake: Good on you to try to make your own wedding cake for this special occasion but remember you need more and more practice even more to avoid any stress and disappointment.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wedding Planning Tips | Wedding Planning Ideas | Expert Tips

When planning your wedding, there are some things that are nice to know, like that mermaid silhouette are all the rage or that purple is making a comeback. Check out our indispensable planning secrets.

1. Guests Come First: Get a grip on the estimated number of guests you will invite before settle on a venue. This will ensure there's sufficient space for your guests. As a rule of thumb, allow for 25 to 30 square feet per guest. 

2. Listen to Mother Nature: Listen to the weather and other potential annoyances. Guests have been known to skip out early from hotter-than-hot summer tent weddings and improperly heated winter loft receptions.

3. Lighten Your List: The easiest way to reduce your wedding budget? Cut your guest list. Remember, half of your wedding expenses go to wining and dining your guests.

4. Don't be Afraid To Ask Your Wedding Vendor: Your wedding vendors should be your go-to, most trusted experts during the wedding planning process. When working with them, you should feel free to really explore what it is you want.

5. Take It One Step at a Time: Put together a wedding planning schedule and do things one-by-one in a logical order, so you don't take on too much too fast and end up with everything snowballing around you.

6. Learn About Marriage Licenses: You can check your state's license requirements online, but confirm with a call to the county clerk's office to see when they're open.

7. Help Guests Pay Attention: Make sure your guests can see and hear. If people are seated farther than 15 rows back from your ceremony altar consider renting a MIC and a riser. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Five Things Common to Every Asian Wedding | Asian Wedding Stage Decoration

It is for two persons to decide to marry each other, but when it comes to planning the wedding (How, where) , the entire family members are involved. Here are five things which common to every Asian wedding.

1. The Bride: The bride is the central attraction of any Asian wedding. There is always some action going on where the bride is. It can be said that the most interesting Like Mehndi, Ladies Sangeet and haldi circle around the bride.

2. Food & More Food: No Asian wedding is complete without Food, sweets and much more. Food is one thing that everyone at a wedding seems to have an judgment about.

3. Jewelry: In every culture, special jewelry (Decorative and beautiful) is prepared for the bride to wear on her wedding day. So if you are at an Indian wedding, be prepared to get dazzled.

4. Relatives from every part of Country: The great Indian families come together at a wedding. Relatives from not only across the country, but those who live abroad make it a point to attend the most special day of one of their nearest and dearest.

5. Blessings: A lots of emotions, all the elders of family who giving their blessings to the young couple. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wedding Hall Decoration | Decorative Hall Decoration Ideas

Weddings are the most remember movement in anyone's life. Wedding, a standout amongst the most marvelous and glorious feeling ought to be praised in the most luxurious and amazing style. On the off chance that you are celebrating it in a stupendous style, then each and every component identified with wedding ought to be great. Whether you are getting married in themed style, you have to be almost certain about what your big day would look like. Regardless of how or in which style you get hitched, what checks the most is, the way you display your wedding or how lovely your wedding looks.

No wedding is ever complete without decorative wedding hall. Flawless hall decoration requires legitimate planning, arranging and coordination as it the center of attraction of your wedding. The decision of hall decoration is thought to be a standout amongst the most vital choices that ought to be taken to get the right theme to turn out. Improving your wedding hall with magnificence, style and class is of most extreme importance in this regard.