Friday, 9 January 2015

Five Things Common to Every Asian Wedding | Asian Wedding Stage Decoration

It is for two persons to decide to marry each other, but when it comes to planning the wedding (How, where) , the entire family members are involved. Here are five things which common to every Asian wedding.

1. The Bride: The bride is the central attraction of any Asian wedding. There is always some action going on where the bride is. It can be said that the most interesting Like Mehndi, Ladies Sangeet and haldi circle around the bride.

2. Food & More Food: No Asian wedding is complete without Food, sweets and much more. Food is one thing that everyone at a wedding seems to have an judgment about.

3. Jewelry: In every culture, special jewelry (Decorative and beautiful) is prepared for the bride to wear on her wedding day. So if you are at an Indian wedding, be prepared to get dazzled.

4. Relatives from every part of Country: The great Indian families come together at a wedding. Relatives from not only across the country, but those who live abroad make it a point to attend the most special day of one of their nearest and dearest.

5. Blessings: A lots of emotions, all the elders of family who giving their blessings to the young couple. 

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